The Network Marketers Guide to Avoiding Insanity – Module 1 (Why Should I Carry On WIth The Business) – £19

Whilst the concept of Network Marketing is excellent, the process itself naturally creates a huge amount of stress in anyone not perfectly aligned with the system.

The problem with a standard systemised process is that it doesn’t take into account where you are personally. Regardless of what level you are in the organisation, when you get out of kilter with the system, it suddenly becomes hard work.

Whilst promotions are intended to motivate everyone into working harder and doing better, for many people the result is the exact opposite. Suddenly, you realise you can’t cope with running the business you love.

This first module looks at some of the key issues that frequently crop up, explains how they might stop you from carrying on with the business and what you need to do to overcome them.

In Module 1 you will:

  • Learn how to deal with the ultimate challenge, where you are actually considering quitting.
  • Know how to manage your other half if they are not on board with your journey.
  • Deal with saturation in the network marketing industry.
  • Get a new perspective on how to attract abundance into your life
  • Discover that the continual pursuit of goals can actually be damaging your progression.

Video, audio and written versions of each stage are available to suit your learning style.

Downloadable worksheets for each lesson to make you think deeper about your situation.

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