Goals Are Bad – Part of The Networkers Marketers Guide to Avoiding Insanity Module

As a Network Marketer or a Small Business Owner. I’m sure it has been suggested to you that you should create goals for your business.

But….. What if setting your goals has the complete opposite effect to what you have intended?

In this FREE lesson from the first module of my “Network Marketer’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout” course, you will see how goal setting is fraught with challenges that can undermine your efforts to develop your business into a success.

I’ve also included in this “taster” course, the Introduction video to Module 1 of the full Network Marketer’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout so that you can find out more about the rest of the first module.

When you subscribe to the full module, you will get access to all 5 video lessons, as well as the audio and written versions and a worksheet for each stage to help you further develop your learning and strategies.

Try before you buy or just get an insight into a new way of looking at goals.

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Find Out Why Setting Goals Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Success
This is a FREE video lesson from my “Network Marketer’s Guide to Avoiding Burnout”